We are a small – medium sized company that has the knowledge, expertise and experience in supplying materials required for all your building and construction needs.


J.S and Co. Hardware's core objective is to become a major supplier for locally sourced as well as imported building and construction materials, providing a unique service for all our clients.


Wrench and Screwdriver icon representing all general hardware products
All general hardware
Timber logs icon representing timber and timber products
Timber and timber products
Electric plug icon representing electrical products
Electrical items i.e. cables, switches, etc
Steel beam icon representing steel products (Building steel, BRC, nails, etc)
Steel (Building steel, BRC, nails, etc)
Tube of glue icon representing resins and adhesive products
Resins and adhesives
Drillbit icon representing oil and gas specific drill bits
Oil and gas specific drill bits
Test tube icon representing polymer, bentonite and drill foam products
Polymer, bentonite and drill foam
Pipe icon representing hydraulic hoses and pipe fitting products
Hydraulic hoses and pipe fittings
Paint brush icon representing paints
Roof icon representing roofing material products
Roofing materials; both local and imported
Mixer icon representing cement products
Safety hat icon representing HSE and gas monitoring equipment products
HSE and gas monitoring equipment
Hand drill icon representing electrical and petrol machines, hand tools and their accessories
Electrical and petrol machines, hand tools and their accessories
Pipe icon representing all plumbing material
All plumbing material for fresh & waste water
Industrial crane icon representing new & used shipping containers
New & used shipping containers
Welding icon representing provision of fabrication services
Provision of fabrication services


Below is a list of some of our clients who have a reputable profile. As a prospective client you can obtain information to cross-reference about our quality and efficiency of service.



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